Redezign health care marketing solutions were Developed with the aim to provide a bridge
between medical practitioners and their patients. We don’t just market medical services to
prospective patients – we want to make healthcare more accessible to people, to make it easier
for people to find credible, reputable practitioners who suit their needs.
The main goal is to connect people to the practitioners they need. In a world where you were
forced to trust a referral from your doctors or friends, we tried to give people the freedom to do
independent research – to empower the public to find practitioners that offered exactly what they
needed, how they wanted it.
Our team is made up of a range of specialist; from marketers, copywriters and designers to
software developers and business analysts. You could easily have a tailored solution for your
practice, and a steady hand to guide you as your practice grows.
We’re proud of every client we assist – we celebrate their victories, and help them to plan their
next steps.
This is what sets us apart from other businesses, and what has made us the leading healthcare
marketing and consulting agency in the country. Redezign provides whatever you need in order
for your business to prosper, and we do it well. We want our clients to trust that they’re in good
hands, with a company that supports and appreciates them.

Affiliate marketing proposal

As part of us diversifying and increasing our service offering we would like to propose an
affiliate marketing and distribution partnership with your company.
This would be an outsourced marketing and distribution partnership that would work closely in
line with your companies’ goals and objectives.
Outsourcing has proved to be an effective way of effectively increasing the companies efficiency
in marketing without increasing the exorbitant overhead cost of marketing:
Some of the benefits are highlighted as follows:

Workforce burden

It alleviates the pains of hiring, on-boarding, and training new staff. This means you get access to
an entire team of experienced professionals all at once so you can start tackling strategy
immediately rather than jumping through hoops and assimilating new employees. We focus on
what we do best, marketing and distributing your products.

A fresh Perspective

It’s hard to do things differently with a team of people who’ve been doing things the same way
for a while. New hires often bring new perspectives, but it’s easy for them to fall victim to group
think and suddenly everyone is back in the same rut. An outside marketing services provider
skirts this issue by remaining on the outside. They don’t get hit with office politics and they’re
not subject to maintaining the status quo. In other words, they see and do things differently.

Efficiency, Inside and Out

Continuously improving and developing new marketing strategies and researching new ways of
approach could be burden some for a company. Especially pursuing an entirely new marketing
strategy, it can also take considerable time for your in-house team to develop familiarity. When
outsourcing marketing services, companies are able to reallocate internal resources where they’re
most needed and effective while letting their marketing partner execute tasks (a short list or an
entire campaign), produce solid deliverables, and keep you moving forward.
Increase your ROI
It all comes down to ROI. Whatever your marketing strategy, the ROI needs to be worthwhile.
Even with the most effective internal team, sometimes the ROI doesn’t justify the hours.
However, marketing agencies define success with ROI and are often held to higher standards
when it comes to proving that ROI because they don’t get weighed down with day-to-day


– Effective website (bookings websites)
– Social media management
– Content creation for prospective clients